Through these channels, it can be forwarded complaints about accounting irregularities or improprieties or any other accounting issue, auditing matters and those related to internal controls, ethics, human rights and the environment. Whenever it is possible, the report should contain sufficient information to enable the investigation of the facts.

When it is identified or there are suspects of irregularities or impropriety, anyone should communicate it in order to properly determine and correct the issue. There is no requirement to identify the sender, but when identified, its identity will remain anonymous.

Upon receipt of a complaint, a Coordinator of the Ethics Committee will determine whether the information submitted is sufficient to start an investigation. If the employee wishes to remain anonymous, the complaint should be made to the external firm. The punishment measures shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of FUNBIO’s Employee’s Handbook and, when not, according to law.

To access the complete FUNBIO’s Misconduct Report to the Ethics Committee, visit the policies and safeguards page.

There are six Whistleblower Channel to send denouncement:

Lima Teixeira Advocacia e Consultoria

João de Lima Teixeira Neto

(21) 25330471

Executive Coordination

 Rosa Maria Lemos de Sá

(21) 21235302

Human Resources supervisory  Heloísa Henriques

(21) 21235333

legal manager  Flávia Neviani

(21) 21235303

 the Finance Committee and the Board Audit

 Membros da Comissão de       Finanças e Auditoria
 President of the Governing Council Álvaro de Souza