Funbio is a non profit civil society association, which mobilizes resources and offer services in favor of biodiversity conservation. Funbio manages resources to support conservation projects and also to maintain its technical and administrative structure.

You can contribute to biodiversity conservation both through investing in projects or in the institution. Contact us to verify which modality is ideal for your investment.

Voluntary investments in Projects

Projects such as the Fauna Brasil Portfolio, Atlantic Forest Fund and Parks Adoption have a specific mechanism to receive resources from voluntary sources.

Voluntary investments can be also made to finance the management or specific activities within other projects, such as Sustainable Dialogues and Ecofunds Database.

Voluntary investments in Funbio

O Funbio can also receive donations to its fiduciary fund, in a way to guarantee its financial sustainability and to make viable the accomplishment of its mission. This way, it searches for a sustainable financial status in the long run, to be able to support innovative projects for biodiversity conservation.

Legal obligations resources

The Fauna Brasil Portfolio can also receive investments that are directed to fulfill legal obligations of environmental adequacy. Companies in the state of Rio de Janeiro can also choose to direct compensation resources  to the Atlantic Forest Fund.