National Project for Integrated Public-Private Partnership for Biodiversity- ProbioII

The aim of Probio II is to encourage key industries to adopt the principles and practices of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in their business activities. Funbio’s actions are designed to engage private sector players in order to drive the transformation of production, consumption, and land occupation models in Brazil. The project’s resources come from the Global Environment Facility through the World Bank, which has allotted a total of 22 million dollars for the partners in the initiative. The project reached its conclusion in 2014, having taken actions in almost five million hectares (the equivalent of the Netherlands and Jamaica combined) in the Amazon, Atlantic Forest, and Pampas. Beginning in 2008, Probio II partnered with the private sector to introduce biodiversity-friendly practices and strategies in six regions: the south of the state of Bahia, Juruti (Pará), Mato Grosso do Sul, Pampas (Rio Grande do Sul), Vale do Ribeira (São Paulo), and Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve (Pará). The strategy was to focus on areas of over 100,000 hectares that harbored multiple economic activities, like agriculture, livestock farming, aquiculture, forestry, extractivism, and forest and wildlife management, all in areas where biodiversity conservation is a priority. To assure the sustainability of the actions in the medium and long term, different agendas were developed, including strengthening production chains, incentivizing the silviculture of endemic species and the production of organic foodstuffs, and new financial schemes that incorporate environmental components, biodiversity, and health. Even though the project has ended, for the coming three years Funbio will still provide support for seven sub-projects whose institutions have received disbursements for the development of production chains in all six regions covered. Monitoring activities are also planned to assess the outcomes obtained. To support this work, Probio II has an opportunity fund that makes biodiversity conservation a prerequisite for private sector initiatives, which has already received pledges of co-financing worth around 47 million reais. In 2014 the project also posted the knowledge accumulated throughout the project on its web page. This includes business plans and other publications related to the regions covered. It can be accessed at