[:pt]Referência na viabilização dos recursos estratégicos e soluções para a conservação da biodiversidade.[:en]Benchmark in enabling strategic resources and solutions for the conservation of biodiversity.
Benchmark in enabling strategic resources and solutions for the conservation of biodiversity.


To provide strategic resources for biodiversity conservation

The Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio) is a registered non-profit civil association. It started operating in 1996 as an innovative financial mechanism for the development of strategies that contribute to the implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Brazil. Throughout its 18-year existence, Funbio has been a strategic partner for the private sector, different state and federal authorities, and organized civil society. Thanks to these partnerships, it has been possible for the companies involved to make social investments, and reduce and mitigate their impacts, while also fulfilling their legal obligations. In the public sphere, they serve to consolidate conservation policies and enable environmental funding programs.

In 18 years, we have:

  • Managed US$ 477 million in assets*
  • Supported 203 projects from 158 different organizations
  • Supported 275 protected areas (all categories of protected area), representing around 39% of protected land in Brazil.

*This is the sum of all the contracts Funbio has signed since it started operating, converting them to dollars based on the rate from the last day of the month in which they were signed. The values of the contracts signed in dollars have been maintained. Funbio operates through different teams which work in a coordinated and cross-disciplinary manner on the projects managed by the institution. The Program and Project Management area is responsible for investing resources in initiatives in the field through calls for projects and transfers of resources to other institutions. Funbio also turns financial resources into the goods and services needed to roll out projects and consolidate protected areas in different biomes in Brazil. Activities:

  • Operation of programs and funds
  • Financing of projects through calls for proposals
  • Financial management of projects
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Systems for project planning and management
  • Creation of socioenvironmental funds

Funbio’s Design, Implementation and Management of Financial Mechanisms area formulates and consolidates innovative mechanisms that yield a larger volume of resources and conducts feasibility studies and analyses of areas for their financially sustainable conservation. Activities:

  • Mapping and analysis of agendas, demands and actors to support interventions in the land
  • Analysis of the financial environment for projects
  • Optimization of access to existing resources and development of new sources
  • Development of financial mechanisms
  • Studies for the coordination of policies, programs and projects

The programs in which Funbio participates include measures designed to maintain essential forests in order to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and its impacts on biodiversity. These activities are coordinated by the Climate Change area. Activities:

  • Development of initiatives for REDD+ projects
  • Development of mechanisms for the distribution of benefits from REDD+
  • Discussion of public policies for climate change
  • Capacity building and technical support for REDD+ initiatives

The Network Management team develop collective knowledge building processes and exchanges of experience, contributing to the development of innovative solutions and the spread of best practices in conservation finance and helping to build the capacity of other environmental funds and networks. Activities:

  • Executive secretariat of international networks
  • Capacity building for environmental funds in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa
  • Information and database systematization
  • Organization of debates and studies
  • Publications on best practices in conservation finance