Macacu Action Project


The objective of the Macacu Action Project is to promote the forest restoration of 50 hectares, in Cachoeiras de Macacu (Rio de Janeiro). This will help strengthen the forest restoration production chain through training and capacity-building in nursery management and seed collection and contribute to the adjusting rural properties for environmental compliance in the region by providing services related to rural environmental registration. The project will take place on four properties: Fazenda São Barnabé, Sítio Toshimori, Fazenda Performance, Sítio Mata Viva de Maraporã.


The project will help:

  • Prepare 4 Executive Forest Restoration Projects for 50 hectares of forests in areas provided in the municipality of Cachoeiras de Macacu.
  • Strengthen the local restoration production chain through training, capacity-building, and incentives for the creation of seed networks and seedling production.
  • Identify and carry out rural environmental registration of rural properties.


The main socioenvironmental impacts generated will be:

  • Expansion of the forested area in the municipality of Cachoeiras de Macacu.
  • Income and employment generation through green jobs.
  • Capacity-building and training in the restoration production chain.


As a result, we hope to achieve:

  • 50 hectares restored.
  • 4 rural properties benefitted.
  • 5 partnerships with the provision of Effective Restoration Areas.
  • 40 trained individuals (nursery management and seedling production).
  • 5 properties registered in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR).


In Progress


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