Strengthening Agroecology – Agroecological Circuits


Photo: Alexandre Ferrazoli

Institution in charge: Tabôa – Fortalecimento Comunitário

The project is designed to help increase cacau production, maintain the forest cover in Cabrucas, implement AFSs to diversify crops, aggregate value to agroecological products through processing and boost the circulation and commercialization of agroecological goods.

The initiative arose in response to a need to make the family smallholders self-sustainable through access to markets and by strengthening their agroecological management practices, agroforestry systems and agroindustrial development. As such, the aim is to consolidate agroecological production technically, socioeconomically and environmentally by protecting the forest cover, whilst making accessibly-priced, high-quality produce available to the urban population.  

Furthermore, once the commercial results have been consolidated among the Forest Peoples and Ecovida networks, the project will look to forge ties with other Agroecological Networks throughout Brazil with a view to encouraging the circulation of  foods and seeds and fostering interchange and exchange involving knowledge, training and social articulation. The circuits are being laid across five states, from Bahia in the north to Rio Grande do Sul down south.


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