AMPIJ – Building the Future of AMPIJ


The subproject proposed by the Association of Fisherfolk and Residents of the Island of Jaguanum (AMPIJ) in Itacuruçá, aims to strengthen the association by equipping the new headquarters. Currently, the association has a provisional headquarters whose space does not accommodate the actions they carry out due to limitations and restrictions of the institution that provided the location. 

Because it is difficult to access, insular and affected by climate change, the Jaguanum community suffers greatly from the lack of transport, being forced to pay high fees for transfers between the mainland and the island, both for freight with the most varied inputs, even emergency medical care. 

The proposed actions will allow several developments for members and surrounding communities, namely: expanding and improving the ability to support members; digitize the association’s documentation and the database of members, supporting the issuance of documents related to fishing activities; as well as digital inclusion itself. However, there is no intention of interfering with local crafts and traditional fishing. On the contrary, the actions are aimed at strengthening these community ties, building a network of aid and assistance for the entire community, always supported by work aimed at the evolution of the community in communion with the preservation of the marine environment, the local fauna and flora.  


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