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To celebrate our 22nd anniversary and World Environment Day, we are proud to announce the program “Funbio Grants—Conserving the Future”, offering R$ 1 million in funding. The initiative is exclusive to field research conducted by master’s degree and doctoral students at institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education. Projects eligible for funding must be related to one of the following thematic fields: 1) conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity; 2) landscape and degraded-area recovery; 3) conservation and sustainable management of fauna and flora; 4) territorial management for the protection of biodiversity; and 5) climate change and biodiversity conservation. Grants run to R$20 thousand for Master’s degree research and R$40 thousand for doctoral research. On this debut edition, the initiative received R$500 thousand from the Humanize Institute.

“The grants will facilitate field research, and that’s crucially important to the advancement of knowledge. We hope to contribute to the formation of a new generation of leaders who will be spearheading future conservation work in Brazil. This is the main idea behind these grants, in line with Funbio’s mission of strategically channeling resources into biodiversity conservation,” says Rosa Lemos de Sá, CEO of Funbio.

“We believe that sustainability is inextricably connected with human development. It is fundamental that we support a grants program that is focused on shaping future leaders dedicated to the work of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. In Funbio we’ve found a partner aligned with our efforts and that’s why we’re so excited to launch the “Conserving the Future” program. The environment needs and deserves quality human capital committed to the cause,” says the executive director of Humanize, Georgia Pessoa.

The submissions form will be available on this website as of June 15, and project selection will be made by a committee of specialists. The deadline for the receipt of project proposals is August 31, and the results will be announced here on October 31.

“Funbio Grants—Conserving the Future”, an incentive for Brazilian scientific research and technological development, will issue an annual call for projects. The program values diversity, and grants will be awarded to scientists nationwide.


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