Today, June 5, World Environment Day, FUNBIO—the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund, and Instituto Humanize, launch the second edition of the program “FUNBIO Grants—Conserving the Future”, which supports field research at master’s degree and doctoral level with grants of up to R$20 thousand and R$38 thousand, respectively. Applications can be submitted until 11:59 pm on August 1 on the FUNBIO website. The results will be announced in the first fortnight of December. The grants will go to projects that address one of the following themes:

1) Conservation, management and sustainable use of fauna and/or flora;

2) Recovery of degraded landscapes and areas;

3) Territorial management for biodiversity protection;

4) Climate change and biodiversity conservation.

The projects are selected by a committee of specialists. In 2019, the selection process consisted of three consecutive eliminatory stages: (i) application and suitability; (ii) research project analysis, letters of recommendation and expression of interest; and (iii) final classification of the best proposals.

In 2018, 29 proposals were selected from a field of 600.

“FUNBIO Grants – Conserving the Future” will issue annual calls for projects, and represents a vital stimulus for national scientific and technological research. The program is nationwide and values diversity. Committee composition observes gender equity.

“For FUNBIO, it is immensely gratifying to be able to support researchers’ fieldwork, contributing to their formation and driving scientific research in Brazil; generating knowledge in order to break paradigms and move forward.”

(Rosa Lemos de Sá, FUNBIO CEO)

“After the robust interest and excellent results obtained by the first cycle of FUNBIO Grants—Conserving the Future, we remain committed to further supporting the initiative. We believe in the importance of investing in the formation of a new generation of professionals and researchers who will go on to engage with the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.”

(Georgia Pessoa, Executive Director, Instituto Humanize)


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