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16/08/2018 Encerrada

Funbio seeks a specialist(s) to carry out a study on the RedLAC and CAFÉ networks: Project K – Knowledge for Action

Região: Norte
Data Limite: 30/08/2018

National and international agreements on biodiversity conservation and climate change have ambitious and relevant targets, but the gap in funding at the global scale still prevents them from being achieved. Debate at the international forums, such as the IUCN World Parks Congress, the COP of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), highlights the huge challenges in terms of scaling up and diversifying funding for conservation and climate change mitigation.

To improve their performances, 40 EFs have joined forces in two networks: RedLAC (a network of EFs from Latin America and the Caribbean) founded in 1999, and the more recently created CAFÉ (the Consortium of African Funds for the Environment), in 2011. The objective of the two networks is to strengthen EFs operations, by helping them to achieve excellence in their operations and practices, promoting innovative financing mechanisms and impact monitoring. Like other networks, they focus on capacity building, exchanging lessons learned, information sharing, knowledge development and innovation. The two networks and their members have matured to different extents but their synergies and exchanges are rewarding.

This consultancy aims at updating a baseline study carried out in 2016, which was ocused on assessing information from both RedLAC and CAFÉ networks and the Funds members to create a common database by developing a set of indicators to be monitored in frequent basis. This set of indicators shall be updated and applied to RedLAC and CAFÉ EFs as well as complemented by other sources of information in order to provide an useful database to subside strategies to be adopted by the networks and their members towards higher levels of effectiveness on conservation finance.

Consultants interested in this call are invited to send a resumed CV and a cover letter proving previous experience working with Environmental Funds and competences to deliver the related products of this consultancy. The cover letter (maximum of 2 pages) and CV must be sent to [email protected] by August 30th, 2018.  The selected candidates will be asked to prepare a technical and a financial proposal and will have 7 days to submit it after the formal approval on the CV.

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