Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park


What is

State: Pernambuco

Area: 10.9 thousand hectares

Category: Strict Nature Reserve

Biome: Coastal Marine

Year of creation: 1988

Year of addition to the Program: 2011

Sphere: Federal

Manager: ICMBio

The Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park is an oasis of natural swimming pools and ecological trails. Visited by thousands of tourists each year, the Park boasts beaches washed by emerald-green sea, including the famous Sancho and Leão. Park Adoption supported the creation of a recovery and revitalization plan for the Boldró Watchtower (which affords spectacular views of the island’s beaches), the refurbishment of the researchers’ accommodation, an extension to the park’s headquarters, the construction of an administrative annex, and the maintenance of the park’s fleet of vehicles and vessels.


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