The Lençóis Maranhenses Marine National Park


What is

State: Maranhão

Area: 155 thousand hectares

Category: Strict Nature Reserve

Biome: Cerrado

Year of creation: 1981

Year of addition to the Program: 2011

Sphere: Federal

Manager: ICMBio


The Lençóis Maranhenses Marine National Park straddles areas of salt marsh, dune fields and oceanic coastline. The PA affords stunning landscapes that attract thousands of tourists all year round, but especially from June to September, when the lakes are at their fullest. Park Adoption supported the PA by building a new headquarters and repairing the bridge across the Blue Lagoon, which leads onto the park’s main attractions.  The program also purchased necessary items for the water craft and helped maintain the vehicles and vessels (jeeps and pickups, quadricycles and motorboats) for a period of four years.




Starting year



Marine and Coastal


map of activities

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