Climate Dialogues


Climate Dialogues (Diálogos pelo Clima, in Portuguese) is an initiative designed to engage different professionals who work in the public legal area on the topic of climate change and combating deforestation in the Amazon and Cerrado. By facilitating dialogues and exchanges of information and ideas between different actors, the focus is to build solutions and/or guidelines on how legal obligations can become more effective and efficient in the context of climate change.

Planning, coordinating, and implementing the Climate Dialogues are part of the strategy of the COPAÍBAS Program – Community, Protected Areas, and Indigenous Peoples Project in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado Savannah. The Program is made possible by funding from the Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative – NICFI, through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has the Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity (FUNBIO) as its technical and operational manager.

A meeting of voices for a new future. In which there is an understanding that the actions of each of the professionals of the Justice System and Civil Society can directly or indirectly impact climate change, even if this is not evident. And these dialogues, we hope, will allow or contribute to seeing such relationships more clearly. It is by joining forces that we will make a difference and, in this union, perception, sensitivity and willingness to tread new paths are important.

Conceived as an initiative with several stages of debate, Climate Dialogues expands the concept of communication in socioenvironmental projects, understanding that the contribution of strategic resources to biodiversity also involves the creation of an atmosphere conducive to significant exchanges that benefit the environment and the people. For the first phase, we invited professionals who work with the theme, for digital dialogues on different subjects, which bring both challenges and opportunities for the construction of solutions in the territory.

In all, there will be 6 online events, one each month starting in June, on specific subjects, all focused on the different ways of combating deforestation in the context of climate change.

Below is a list of all the meetings held so far:

Event 1 – June 14th, 2022 – Theme: Short, medium, and long-term economic and financial instruments as a way of supporting the climate goals assumed by Brazil.

Event 2 – July 12th, 2022 – Theme: Traditional, indigenous and quilombola populations: economic alternatives, networks, and acknowledgement of support in preservation.

Event 3 – August 16th, 2022 – Theme: PADDD in the Amazon and Cerrado: how can legal obligations and responsibilities minimize the impact of this process?

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