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Photo: Federico Sucunza/GEMARS


Knowledge of franciscana genetics and environmental pressure is important for the conservation of this critically endangered dolphin. “Franciscana of Espírito Santo: Natural History, Ecotoxicology, Genetics and Trophic Ecology”, conducted by Associação Cultural e de Pesquisa Noel Rosa, focuses specifically on FMA Ia, in the state of Espírito Santo, and aims to garner knowledge about the biological parameters of this little-known species, mainly through the execution of the seven measures recommended by the Franciscana National Action Plan. These include assessing the presence of contaminants in franciscana specimens through the analysis of stable isotopes and biomagnification, as well as wider genetic analyses and general trophic ecology, such as natural history, population sizes, age of sexual maturity and age/gender structure of the studied populations.

The initiative is supported by the Franciscana Conservation Project, of which Funbio is financial manager.


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