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Photo: Ingazera/PE by Marizilda Cruppe/FUNBIO


The project Conservation, Restoration and Management Strategy for Biodiversity (GEF Terrestre) will work in the three biomes least covered by the National Protected Areas System (SNUC): the Pampas (Brazilian grassy lowlands), only 2.9% of which is under protection, the Pantanal Wetland (4.6%) and Caatinga Scrubland (9%).

Three strategies will be used to promote conservation in these biomes. They are: (1) expansion and consolidation of the National Protected Area System through the creation of new Protected Areas and the expansion of existing PAs; (2) restoration of native vegetation; (3) National Action Plans for endangered species. In addition, local communities and the owners of lands bordering on or neighboring the PAs will be brought onboard.

There are three partners on the initiative—the ICMBio, Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro and state organs— all operating under the technical coordination of the Ministry for the Environment. The initiative received a donation of roughly US$ 32 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and is expected to last five years, with the InterAmerican Development Bank as implementing agency and Funbio as financial executor.


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