Institution responsible: INSTITUTO HOMEM PANTANEIRO ­– IHP

The subproject Mitigation of the Effects of the 2020 Fires and Prevention Against New Fires in Serra do Amolar, Pantanal aims to mitigate the effects of the 2020 fires in the territory of the Serra do Amolar Conservation Protection Network (Pantanal), through the recovery of an area of slow regeneration in the RPPN [Private Reserve] Engenheiro Eliezer Batista and the prevention and integrated management of fire throughout the territory of the Amolar Network.

To achieve this objective, the project will prepare a Plan for the Recovery of Degraded Areas in 30 hectares in the RPPN Engenheiro Eliezer Batista and implement it to promote ecological restoration through: a) a plan for training for the collection of propagules (seeds or seedlings) of the species of interest and production of a collection guide; b) carrying out training and monitoring the collection of propagules with the community; c) restoration planting in priority areas selected according to regeneration potential; d) and, finally, evaluating the success and establishment of each technique applied in the region (maintenance and monitoring).

In addition to mitigating the effects of the 2020 fires by recovering the areas of the RPPN-EEB, the project aims to reduce forest fires throughout the entire area of the Amolar Network, through the following activities: a) carry out forest fire prevention efforts; b) carry out educational actions to prevent forest fires; c) carry out efforts to combat forest fires and integrated fire management (IFM) and d) co-build an operational online system for seasonal forecasting of the probability of fires for Serra do Amolar.


In Progress