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“Social-impact Assessment: A Critical Reading of the Impacts of Offshore Exploration and Drilling of Oil and Gas on Artisanal Fishing Communities along the Rio de Janeiro Coast” aims to assess the social impacts of offshore drilling on artisanal fishing communities and map the areas of potential environmental conflict caused by oil and gas-exploration and related economic activities that heighten the vulnerability of these communities. The results will help identify measures to mitigate the impacts and improve public environmental management.

Led by the University of Rio Grande Support Foundation, the project has four specific goals:

1) analyze the social impacts on fishing communities caused by oil drilling concerns on the Rio de Janeiro coast;

2) systemize the main results into mitigating and compensatory measures geared towards these communities;

3) map the main economic activities in the coastal zone that cause environmental conflict with fishing communities;

4) publish and present the results to stakeholders interested in improving the assessment of coastal social impacts.


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