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João Fernandes beach, Armação dos Búzios / Photo: BrBio


In addition to their stunning beauty and the thriving biodiversity that congregates around them, corals are an important part of the marine food chain and a natural barrier between the land and ocean tides.

The Brazilian Biodiversity Institute, responsible for the project “Health and Conservation of Coraline Habitats in the Búzios Landspit”, will assess and monitor the health of coral environments in order to sensitize society to their importance and furnish information that might prove key to the environmental management of these marine ecosystems.

The corals’ current state of health will be gauged and compared against the institute’s 16 years’ worth of data.

In addition, educational initiatives geared towards children, youths and adults will attempt to drive home the importance of coral conservation and create multipliers to spread the message through educator training.


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