The Interstate Consortium For Sustainable Development Of The Legal Amazon Region is a combined initiative by Brazil’s 9 Amazonian states to create and drive sustainable development based on shared policies and strategies.

The Consortium – set up as an autarky in 2019—has established a new paradigm by uniting 9 subnational governments around a shared commitment. Tied in with the Consortium are state-level actions to reach the agreed targets.

The Consortium’s environmental front draws from a private financial mechanism that ensures transparency and efficiency in the use of the funds received.

The Consortium’s governance strengthens social participation in control and decision-making.


The Consortium embraced the principles proposed under the Green Recovery Plan project call, structured into 4 main fronts:

  1. Curbing illegal deforestation
  2. Productive sustainable development
  3. Green technology and training
  4. Green infrastructure



Direct donations from global funds, foundations, bi and multilateral agreements.

According to the Consortium’s estimates, the total cost of implementing the first phase of the Green Recovery Plan’s four fronts should run to R$ 1.5 billion (approx. USD 275 million).


Donations are directed into a financial mechanism created by FUNBIO, the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund, the financial manager of the Consortium’s environmental component.

In 2019 FUNBIO signed a cooperation agreement with the Consortium under which it became the association’s privately-funded operational and financial mechanism, buoyed in its remit by the Plano de Recuperação Verde (Green Recovery Plan)—PRV. Working in close contact with the Consortium and its Civil Society partners, two projects supporting the consortium’s structuring and the implementation of the PRV are already underway.

The first of these, supported by the Instituto Clima e Sociedade (ICS), aims to strengthen the Consortium’s management and governance.

The second, backed by the French Embassy in Brazil, was signed in April 2021 to shore up the front endeavoring to curb illegal deforestation. To carry this forward, the “Amazon Region Interstate Consortium’s Integrated Plan for Deforestation Control” was drafted to further articulate the nine Amazonian states’ command and control policies.

FUNBIO is a Brazilian civil-society organization with 25 years of experience. During this time, FUNBIO has financially managed over 260 projects across 430 Protected Areas. FUNBIO is a Green Climate Fund (GCF) accredited entity and a Global Environment Facility (GEF) implementing agency.


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