Celebrated in 2021 by the Federal Public Prosecutors’ Office and Petrobras, the Underwater Warehouses Conduct Adjustment Agreement (TAC ALSUB) will rally some R$ 20 million in funding to support environmental actions along the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro by 2025. As the project’s executor, FUNBIO will work toward the following deliverables:

  • Consolidation of state and federal Protected Areas in Rio de Janeiro;
  • Sustainable Production;
  • Marine research and biodiversity conservation, with special focus on the Marine Litter program;
  • Improved quality of life for the state’s fishing communities.

The socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in select areas will also be taken into consideration over the course of the initiative.

TAC ALSUB is an environmental offset measure designed to compensate for the period during which Petrobras used swathes of the Campos Basin seafloor on Rio’s northern coast as an underwater warehouse for equipment used in oil-and-gas production.

Removal of materials from the Campos Basin

In parallel with the execution of CAA funds with a view to meeting the above-mentioned aims, the company will also remove all unlicensed materials stored on the seafloor, such as flexible piping and anchor system components, which will either be reused or correctly stored elsewhere. The company will be responsible for the environmental restoration of the area affected by these irregularities.


In Progress


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