Project description

Photo: Cunhambebe State Park, RJ by José Caldas


Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers (WRCs) take in and care for rescued or seized animals, providing treatment and rehabilitation until a final destination can be found, including reintroduction into the natural environment.

The main aim of the project “Implantation and Maintenance of a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in the state of Rio de Janeiro” is to contribute toward the protection of wild marine and coastal fauna by setting up a WRC in the state. The brief of this Center will be to:

1) take in and provide routine care for rescued wild animals pending release or forwarding for more permanent allocation;

2) maintain rapid-response installations, equipped and staffed to treat wildlife affected by environmental emergencies;

3) provide ongoing training for professionals in the fields of medicine and wildlife conservation;

4) hone treatment protocols, develop new therapies, improve post-release monitoring procedures and obtain a clearer understanding of the effects of oil-slicks and captivity on marine and coastal wildlife.

The WRCs Rio de Janeiro project is an environmental offset measure established through a Consent Decree/Conduct Adjustment Agreement between Chevron Brazil and the Brazilian Ministry for the Environment, with the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund – FUNBIO as implementer.



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