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11/06/2018 Encerrada

FUNBIO seeks companies to provide Surveillance Services in Protected Areas of Rio de Janeiro state

Região: Sudeste
Data Limite:

Limit Date: 20/06/2018 e New Limit Date: 12/07/2018


Biodiversity Conservation Mechanism in the State of Rio de Janeiro (FMA/RJ) is an instrument of Environmental Compensation resources management focused on strengthening of Rio de Janeiro state Protected Areas system, based on a partnership between FUNBIO and Secretary of State of Rio de Janeiro for Environment (SEA). FMA / RJ counts on resources from a variety of   sources, such as compensatory measures from large industrial enterprises, a permanent financial fund, national and international donations.

As the program operational manager, Funbio requests companies interested in participating in this selection process to express interest and send a simple portfolio, containing activities and similar services to those presented in this Term of Reference (ToR) and a company statement, signed by its legal representative declaring to meeting all qualification criteria presented in the ToR. Companies shall be responsible for all professionals that will take part of the team at the time of selection and shall have the necessary qualification required by the project.

Specific documents to prove company experiences and professional skills will be requested at proposals submission only.

The expression of interest, duly based, shall be sent by E-MAIL until July 12, 2018, to: José Mauro, e-mail:  [email protected]  with copy to [email protected]  with the subject “Expression of Interest – Surveillance”

ATTENTION: If a company considers that technical qualification for the service might be enhanced by associating with other companies, it may be done under the following conditions:

1. Leading company should demonstrate that associated company (ies) know (s) and agree to presented proposition by the leading company, as well as forward portfolio and other documents that prove members technical capacity;
2. Should associated companies win the selection process, Funbio will sign the contract with the leading company indicated in the proposal and it will be responsible for service execution. All payments related to the rendering of services will be carried out by Funbio by the leading company only. 

The conduction of the selection process is based on the model of International Wide Price Take, according to contracting procedures described in the Operational Manual of the Biodiversity Conservation Mechanism of the State of Rio de Janeiro – FMA / RJ.The present selection is within the FMA/RJ, through Agreement No. 04/2016.Funbio will only contact the selected companies for the next phase. The final result will be communicated at the end of the selection process.

Especificação técnica / TDR